The Learner’s Licence Restrictions and Requirements

Learner's Licence Restrictions

You will not be able to obtain a learner's licence if:
  1. You have been disqualified by a court of law and the disqualification is still in force
  2. Your licence has been suspended temporarily or cancelled and the suspension/cancellation is still in force
  3. You already have a licence for the same class of vehicle
  4. You are addicted to narcotic drugs or to the excessive use of intoxicating liquor
  5. You are suffering from one of the following: 
    a. Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus or epilepsy
    b. Sudden attacks of disabling giddiness or fainting
    c. Any mental illness requiring you to be detained, supervised, controlled or treated as a patient
    d. Defective vision (per prescribed standard)
    e. Any disease or physical defect which will render you incapable of driving effectively without endangering the safety of the public. Deafness is not regarded as such a defect

The licence holder must report to the nearest authority within 21 days of noticing any disqualification.

Minimum Requirements for the Exam

To take the Learner’s Licence Exam, you must:

  1. Be of the minimum required age, which is:
    a. for a motorcycle (without a sidecar) with an engine not exceeding 125 cc – 16 years
    b. for light motor vehicles with a mass not exceeding 3 500 kilograms – 17 years
    c. for all other vehicles (also motorcycles with an engine exceeding 125 cc) – 18 years
  2. Pass the health and eyesight requirements
  3. Have acceptable identification with you when you apply (SA identity document or a passport) and have two recent passport-size black-and-white or colour identity photographs.