The Learner’s Licence What the Licence Permits

What the Learner’s Licence Permits

When you obtain a Learner’s Licence, you may:

  1. Drive on public roads/freeways provided you are supervised by a person in possession of a valid driver’s license for the class of vehicle which you are driving. This person should be seated right next to you, or directly behind you if it is not possible to be seated next to you
  2. Allow passengers in the vehicle provided they do not pay a fare
You must carry your Learner's Licence with you whenever you are driving a vehicle and have a sticker with a large red "L" on the rear window.

What the Learner’s Licence Permits

When you obtain a Learner’s Licence, you may may not carry a passenger. You are therefore also permitted to ride unaccompanied. This holds for motorcycles without sidecars.

You must carry your Learner's Licence with you whenever you are driving a motor cycle.

In many countries, it is also considered good practise to attach an L to the back of the motorcycle or on the drivers back jacket, though in South Africa that is not strictly a legal requirement

Learner’s Licence Validity: 24 Months

Your Learner’s Licence will be valid for 24 months from the date of issue. Once you have obtained it, you can start preparing yourself for the Practical Driver’s Licence Exam by taking driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor.

Unauthorised Use of Vehicle

There are three rules that apply with respect to vehicle handling:

  1. All vehicles must have a clearance certificate (licence disc) that is valid for 12 months from the date of issue
  2. No one may drive, get into, onto, or tamper with a vehicle without permission
  3. It is illegal to in any way alter the engine or chassis number of a motor vehicle, except with the prior written consent of the registering authority

A police officer may at any time stop you on the roadside and check that everything is in order with your vehicle.